I offer a diet and nutrition program tailored to suit your individual needs, preferences, and goals.  This program will allow you to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle, eat delicious and nutritious foods, and at the same time, achieve your specific diet/health related goals.  I will provide you with a personalized, balanced and holistic diet program through utilizing maintainable and sustainable methods.  This will involve you getting to select a number of options from the GG Nutrition menu.  From here, I will tailor these recipes to suit your individual needs and goals and deduce your meal plan.  Your meal plan will be abundant in variety and nutrient-dense, delicious meals.  This way, you will not feel like you are on a “diet”, but simply eating for good health.  I understand that seeing a Nutritionist may be daunting, so my goal is to provide you with the necessary tools and encouragement to stay motivated, educated, supported and confident. 

Special Interests: 

  • Improved diet for overall health and well being

  • Weight loss and weight management

  • Diabetes management

  • Hypertension management

  • High cholesterol management

  • Mental illness management

  • Eating for fitness and muscle gain


Your program would consist of an initial consultation, a second consultation and several

follow up consultations.  Here is what you can expect from these consultations.  

Initial consultation:

  • Thorough assessment of health, diet, and lifestyle

  • Education on and discussion of relevant health, diet and food-related matters

  • Discussion of personalized diet program and goals

  • Select meal options from the GG Nutrition menu for your personalized 6-day meal plan


Second consultation:

  • Receive completed personalized 6-day meal plan and personalized grocery list

  • Discussion of prescribed dietary, lifestyle and nutritional recommendations 

  • Receive any necessary take home information


Follow-up consultations:

  • Assessment and discussion of client progression

  • Reviewal of goals

  • Identify any problems, develop solutions and make necessary modifications

  • Select new meal options from GG Nutrition menu for a new 6-day meal plan



To book a consultation, please click this link and select 'Nutritionist'



Initial Consultation (60 minutes) $95 

Second Consultation (40 minutes) $60 

Follow-up Consultations (20 minutes) $40 


Private Health Insurance rebates available (manual claim only)


Appointments available:

Thursday afternoons

Friday afternoons