My name is Georgie and I am a degree qualified Nutritionist with a strong passion for and dedication to helping people achieve their diet-related goals.  I love healthy cooking, experimenting with foods and taking recipes and putting healthy, nutritious twists on them.  With that being said, my philosophy is pretty simple.  Healthy eating and eating for weight loss or any particular diet/health related goal does not have to be boring, costly, bland or unappealing.  It’s as simple as knowing what to eat and how, and you can make something super healthy and nutritious taste delicious.  I channel this philosophy through my practice combined with a sincere value for eating for health, nutrition and balanced living. 


My aim is to promote healthy, realistic and sustainable eating habits amongst my clients that will underpin their long-term health and well-being.  Diet’s simply do not work!  I strongly believe that the steps we take to achieve our diet-related goals must be consistent with the steps we take to maintain them.  It must be a complete lifestyle change through re-programming our mindset and diet-related habits.  I want to help give you the tools, confidence, and ability to do this so that you can achieve your goals, and maintain them! 



Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition)

Accredited Memberships:

Nutrition Society of Australia

Australian Natural Therapies Association


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